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ForeverDads designs and manages programming to to encourage, educate, and equip fathers to be present and involved within their family. That is true empowerment.

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ForeverDads has many programs that support our mission to encourage, educate and equip men to develop positive relationships with their children, family and community.

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ForeverDads holds various events throughout the year.

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A few years ago, we launched a new project that allowed through the support of the ForeverDads Board of Directors, staff, and Friends of ForeverDads to support dads during Christmas. Thus, Adopt-a-Dad was birth through the efforts Nick Lyons.

Each year, fathers are selected based on program participation, family engagement opportunities, and dads commitment of his family. With staff assistance, each dad goes shopping for his children, the mother of his children....yes, and even for himself for Christmas gifts. They return back to ForeverDads then to wrap the gifts they have purchased. At a date closer to Christmas, they make another trip to grocery store to purchase food that helps them over Christmas break and for that special day dinner.

The generosity of Chuck and Sue Bell ignited ForeverDads to keep this project alive, and in return for our thanks, it has been dedicated to them - the Chuck & Sue Bell Adopt - a - Dad project.

This year already, Friends Of Putnam have supported this project with their generous donation. We invite you to join them and others as we continue this annual tradition.

A Few Words
About ForeverDads

Within every young man lies the potential of exceptional fatherhood. At ForeverDads, our goal is to strengthen communities in Muskingum County and beyond, helping transform them into places that provides our sons with the resources and role models necessary to become loving, nurturing, responsible fathers.

Our Events

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Celebrate National Fatherhood month with a river tubing experience down the scenic Licking River. ForeverDads, in partnership with Pea Ohana Watersports, and the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood is inviting fathers and their children ages eight (8+) and over to participate.

Tribute To Fatherhood

The next Tribute to Fatherhood will be held on Tuesday, March 11th, 2025 @ 6:00 pm at the North Terrace Church of Christ.

Our Programs

ForeverDads Watch D.O.G.S.
Watch D.O.G.S.

Watch D.O.G.S (Dads Of Great Students) are fathers, grandfathers, step-fathers, uncles, and other father figures who serve on campus for one day or many each year under the leadership of a program coordinator

ForeverDads All Pro Dad Chapters Breakfast
All Pro Dad Chapters Breakfast

Create lasting memories with your kids over breakfast. Getting Dads engaged at their childrenā€™s schools leads to better grades, fewer behavioral problems, and more outstanding student achievement!

ForeverDads NFL / Nuturing Fathers For Life
NFL / Nuturing Fathers For Life

In this 12-week evening class, learn what it means to be a responsible father. Discuss work/life balance, recognizing your weaknesses, and how to teach effective values to your children.

ForeverDads Survival Skills For Healthy Families
Survival Skills For Healthy Families

Survival Skills for Healthy Families is a program designed to help families (including children ages 8 and up) strengthen their connection with each other and reinforce healthy ways of interacting.

ForeverDads Project Ready
Project Ready

Project Ready is a U.S, Department of Justice Second Chance Act Grant Program created to provide re-entry services to ex-offenders returning to their community. We have numerous community partners willing and ready to help make your re-entry to Muskingum County a success.