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All Pro Dad's Day is a simple idea with a profound impact.  It's a one-hour monthly breakfast held before school where fathers and their children meet with other dads and kids in the school cafeteria, local church or restaurant.  During this time, they discuss a wide range of family topics, spend time together, create fun memories, and are equipped with resources to strengthen their relationship.

2014-2015 All Pro Dad Breakfast Schedule is not available yet

Contact your school for additional information.  Flyers for registration are provided by participating schools.


Programs for Couples

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This three (3) hour training offers tips on everything from helping breastfeeding moms with latenight feedings, to being more patient. It's all advice on raising a happy, healthy baby that veteran dads are happy to share. It makes a difference when you hear it from someone who's just gone though it.

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Nurturing Father's Program

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    Nurturing Fathers is for young and old dads, step dads, granddads, or good dads who want to be Great Dads. Classes meet regularly (once a week for 13 weeks) to discuss the ideals of fathering with other men. You learn about fathering... A Z.  Typically held each Fall and Spring.


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On My Shoulders  is a unique, interactive curriculum designed to equip participants (men/fathers) with the skills for healthy relationships, especially with their children—whether their role is custodial or non-custodial. 

This curriculum is NOT about focusing on the deficits of men, but rather understanding their barriers and providing possible solutions. 

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Once a month at the Domestic Relations Court you can meet with lawyers to ask questions about divorce! dissolution, custody, paternity, domestic violence, visitation; how to fill out "do it yourself' forms; the legal system and how to gain access to it; and other family law matters. The clinic is free for people living in Muskingum County with limited income.

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Saturday, June 27th

Registration at 9:30

Activities & Events from 10am - 2pm

Swimming until 7pm

Muskingum Family YMCA at Park Central


The Saturday around Father's Day, dads and their children are invited to the annual "All Star Dads Day" held at the Muskingum Family Y. A donation of $1 is received for each child attending while dads get in FREE. Included in this celebration is a morning of fun activities, picnic style lunch, followed by an afternoon more celebration filled with a collection of activities which may include a Hot Shot Basketball contest, water balloon toss, old fashion Sack Races, go cart races, face painting to name a few. During the entire event dads and kids along with other guest can enjoy an afternoon of swimming compliments of the Muskingum Family Y.

Programs for Parents & Couples

*Please Note: These are programs which have been offered in the past - contact our office or view availability online

We have resources for couples in serious relationships (teens, pre engaged), engaged couples, newlyweds, couples wanting to strengthen their relationship, couples experiencing marital stress, couples in second marriages, and couples with step children.

Relationship Building programs such as Connection, The Art of Loving Well, How to Avoid Marrying A Jerk, and Building Relationships.

Premarital Preparation programs such as Prepare! Enrich, FOCCUS, PAIRS, and more.

Marriage Enrichment opportunities such as 10 Great Dates, Couples Communication, the Marriage Course, Family Wellness, and PREP.

Programs of restoration for couples in crisis or separated such as Reconciling God's Way, Divorce Prevention, Couple Mentoring, and programs mentioned above (PAIRS, PREP, etc.)

Co Parenting Programs such as Family Wellness: Survival Skills for Healthy Families, Smart Step (support group for step parents), and mediation programs.


Survival Skills for Healthy Families -

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Reentry Citizens

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How to CONNECT with YOUR CHILDREN and Family AFTER RELEASE brochure (click here for downloadable brochure - pdf)